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Constructing Qidfa in Fujairah with the intention of bringing in 100,000 visitors

FujairahConstructing Qidfa in Fujairah with the intention of bringing in 100,000 visitors

In the emirate of Fujairah, Sheikh Theyab bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, a member of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council and chairman of the Emirates Council for Balanced Development, unveiled the first project of the “Emirates Villages” initiative, “Qidfa Development,” which aims to create a sustainable development model.

Sheikh Theyab stated that the UAE government is eager to provide a high standard of living for all Emirati inhabitants and that the Emirates Villages project aims to create a new model of village redevelopment from an economic as well as a touristic angle.

Her Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Mohammed Al Sharqi, Supreme Council member and ruler of Fujairah, was thanked by Sheikh Theyab for his support of the redevelopment of the project’s first village, which will bring the UAE’s leadership one step closer to achieving its objective of establishing a sustainable development model that benefits the country’s outlying regions.

Dr. Sultan bin Ahmed Al Jaber, Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology and Vice Chairman of the Emirates Council for Balanced Development, claims that the Emirates Villages project provides an impressive development model that aligns with the country’s audacious goal.

Dr. Sultan stated that the project is a noteworthy example of sustainable socio-economic development and that it depends on strong collaborations between the public and private sectors as well as the local communities. The government sector is represented in this initiative by the Emirates Council for Balanced Development.

He claims that the project aims to promote tourism and highlight the unique potential of Emirati villages.

In order to attract 100,000 visitors annually, the Qidfa Region Development Project aims to boost the area’s tourism potential and highlight its distinctive features through media outlets. The plan asks for the start of 50 youth development programs in the region, in addition to training 200 young people in various sectors and working with key partners to train 200 young men and women.

The region offers a multitude of economic advantages that will enhance its reputation as a pioneering village and important part of the country. There’s also a $10 billion power plant that generates enough electricity to power almost 380,000 homes.

The “Emirates Villages” initiative, which marks a new step in achieving the goal of the UAE leadership, proposes a sustainable development model that fits all locations around the country while maximizing the human potential and natural resources of each region.

It aims to boost local communities’ involvement, the private sector’s involvement, and the promotion of the sustainable development model by improving coordination between the federal and local governments.

The Emirates Council for Balanced Development is striving to create sustainable development for all areas with the aid of a unique development plan based on partnerships between the public and private sectors and local communities.

Qidfa Oasis (2,000–1,300 BC) is the site of a Wadi Suq period burial in the United Arab Emirates. The Fujairah Museum currently has a large collection of items that were found during archeological digs near the oasis. This covers weapons, money, and jewels. The most interesting of these finds is the bowl made from an ostrich egg that is thought to have been around for nearly 2,000 years.


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