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Student Projects Examining Novel Architectural Designs are on Display at Ajman University

AjmanStudent Projects Examining Novel Architectural Designs are on Display at Ajman University

The College of Architecture, Art, and Design at Ajman University recently held its most recent school exhibition, which included a wide variety of student projects that highlighted creative architectural designs. The students’ understanding of the architectural design process is evident in the projects, which range from a mixed-use site in Dubai to a tower that integrates cultural and environmental concerns.

The Dubai Ferry Terminal, an initiative by Amna Ibrahim Sadoon, ushers in a new era of water transportation. The terminal’s goal is to increase cruise tourism and produce income through public involvement. It is designed to function as a cruise terminal for domestic voyages and future transportation needs. Its flowing and flexible design promotes harmony and synergy with its surroundings by skillfully fusing form and function.

The Cultural and Touristic Center of Lamya Eyad Dahhan in Damascus aims to encourage tourism by providing thorough information on historical sites, cultural activities, and other attractions. In addition, the center offers a venue for regional artists and craftspeople to exhibit and market their handcrafted goods, promoting economic development and maintaining handcrafted methods.

The Sharjah Youth Recreational Hub, created by Maryam Amr Ahmed Kamel Etahan, offers public study spaces and recreational activities for youth, families, and groups. The initiative provides a focal point for community social interactions and reduces commute time by linking several services in Sharjah’s Muwaileh educational-commercial zone.

Ancient Phoenician history is highlighted in an outstanding collection of archaeological timelines on display at Ghadeer Rammal’s Historical Museum in Sidon, Lebanon. The museum provides an immersive journey into the rich cultural past of the area through its stunning displays.

Tehran’s University for Advanced Arts, founded by Zoha Hosseini, aims to fill the gap left by a contemporary arts education in a city where the arts are integral to the fabric of society. In order to create a dynamic area for the city’s arts sector, the design embraces modern and sustainable solutions while incorporating traditional Persian architectural inspirations.

In the UAE, Ghazal Riad’s Transportation Hub is an essential hub for connecting travelers with the nation’s attractions. The hub, which represents the UAE’s contemporary development, has a sustainable design that makes use of recyclable materials and is inspired by wind movement and aerodynamics.

The Beirut Community Center by Rana Elkhabbaz integrates social contact, education, and amusement to promote community development. The layout skillfully blends human creativity and the natural world, mirroring Lebanon’s geography and providing a self-sufficient refuge for a variety of uses.

The goal of Dubai’s proposed Speed Hub, designed by Sarah Osama Seif Aldeen, is to completely transform city transportation. Drawing inspiration from the movement of the wind and sand dunes, the hub aims to improve communication between train stations, bus terminals, and taxi stands. Its sustainable design philosophy embodies Dubai’s contemporary growth.

The skill and originality of Ajman University’s College of Architecture, Art, and Design are demonstrated by these student creations. The students have used their knowledge and abilities to create creative ideas that meet social, cultural, and environmental requirements through their extensive graduation projects.


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