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The newest trend in waterfront real estate is artificial lagoons.

Top NewsThe newest trend in waterfront real estate is artificial lagoons.

Because they provide breathtaking views and a peaceful living atmosphere, waterfront residences have long been in high demand. These homes are typically found near rivers, lakes, or the ocean. On the other hand, artificial lagoons are a recent development in the real estate industry.

These artificial water features, which resemble sizable lakes and have beaches, are gaining popularity among would-be homeowners. Lagoons are often shallow, unlike natural bodies of water, and they resemble enormous swimming pools. They offer the visual allure of a waterfront home without the requirement to be close to a body of water.

Numerous recreational activities, including swimming, paddleboarding, and boating, are available in lagoons. Christie’s International Real Estate President Chris Lim points out that artificial lagoons have changed the definition of what it means to own a waterfront property. They are now important selling points for purchasers searching for residences and neighborhoods with lagoons as the focal point.

A prominent Miami-based company creating these man-made lagoons is Crystal Lagoons. Over 80 projects have been completed by them worldwide, and 120 more are presently being developed. Compared to traditional swimming pools, the company’s lagoons require 50 times less energy and 100 times fewer chemicals in their sustainable design. They have long-lasting plastic liners that are built to last for decades.

Proper planning and construction can yield favorable environmental effects from artificial lagoons. They can assist in the creation of new natural habitats, provide water storage, and even lessen problems associated with urban heat islands. Nonetheless, it is crucial to take into account the sources of water as well as any possible risks to native species and their habitats.

Two prominent examples of real estate developments with artificial lagoons are DAMAC Lagoons in Dubai and SoLe Mia in Miami. With a seven-acre freshwater Crystal Lagoon, SoLe Mia offers its residents sandy beaches, kid-friendly shallow areas, and a variety of water sports. Conversely, DAMAC Lagoons offers two 45 million square foot Crystal Lagoons that are modeled after various Mediterranean locations.

The growing popularity of man-made lagoons in real estate is a symptom of changing consumer tastes. In addition to delivering an appealing and ecological substitute for conventional waterfront properties, these lagoons give residents a distinctive waterfront experience. We should anticipate seeing more innovations with these gorgeous man-made characteristics as the trend keeps growing.


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