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How video marketing for real estate may benefit your company

Tech & MarketingHow video marketing for real estate may benefit your company

Statistics from the past several years’ real estate markets show that technology is still having a significant impact on home purchases, in large part because of strategies like real estate video marketing. It makes sense that 97% of prospective homeowners in 2020 began their initial home search online. However, over half of them reported that videos in particular were “very useful” during their search.

As a result, a growing number of real estate brokers are utilizing real estate video marketing to create leads, differentiate themselves from rivals, and present their offerings and properties in an eye-catching way. Check out the guide below for tips on how to become an expert in real estate videography without getting lost in the process.

The importance of video marketing

In recent years, video marketing has become a crucial component of many companies’ marketing plans. In fact, in 2020, 90% of marketers employed video in their advertising. This number has gone up especially in the last year, partly because of the COVID-19 pandemic’s influence on the world’s shift to a more digitally connected society. The following information clarifies the efficacy of video marketing: 

Additionally, viewers are far more inclined to interact with videos by sharing, enjoying, and commenting on them. Sharing in particular is crucial since it acts as the online version of word-of-mouth. A product or service is more likely to be liked and trusted by others if it appears to be well-liked and trusted by the majority of internet users.

In other words, if you don’t use videos in your brand’s marketing, you can be missing out on a huge audience.

You already know that a key component of any marketing plan should be real estate video marketing, but how can it especially benefit your real estate company? Effective videos might assist you in the increasingly competitive real estate market.

  1. Generate leads: The data shows that consumers are more drawn to a brand’s videos than to any other form of content, such as text or images. You are certain to attract more potential customers if you promote your films on sites like Facebook and YouTube. 


  1. Set up more meetings: 77% of customers decide to work with the real estate agent they speak with right away. You stand a better chance of being suggested than agents with a meager online video presence if you create your video presence and amass more followers. 


  1. Make a personal connection: Buyers in their millennial years, who are the most likely to use the internet to look for a property, have high expectations for brands in terms of value, communication, honesty, and openness. You are building a personal connection with potential clients by making movies that highlight your business and yourself. This will increase the likelihood that they will trust you. 


  1. Present your homes: You may create a wide range of movies using real estate video marketing that more fully immerse viewers in the properties you are offering as well as the neighborhood and surrounding area than a single photo can. 


  1. Clarify what you mean by: Finally, videos allow you to answer (or pose) questions with ease and provide longer, more comprehensive explanations of properties without requiring viewers to read lengthy passages of text.  

Real estate video marketing types 

There are many different types of content available to you when it comes to making real estate videos. The kind of vibe you want your brand to create will determine what kind of video idea you should explore. Even better, you might experiment with a few various kinds of movies to determine which ones attract the most attention. The following are the most typical. 


You may have the most options for video marketing when it comes to real estate video tours. In the real estate industry, you can create a tour for almost anything. 

You may create a tour that highlights a house, agency, neighborhood, or the surrounding area, for example. When it comes to towns and cities, you can be even more detailed, highlighting well-known or significant locations like nearby schools, parks, or well-known tourist attractions. 


You have countless creative options if you want to concentrate on marketing to the millennial generation and sharing the narrative of who you are as a realtor. 

Try some of these well-liked real estate video ideas: “About me,” “A day in the life,” “Client testimonials,” and “Ask me anything,” where you respond to inquiries from current or potential clients regarding you and your offerings. 


You have the opportunity to truly showcase your skills in educational videos. Before making any significant decisions, those who are new to the home-buying market can benefit from seeing these kinds of movies. Posting videos on subjects including first-time buyer tips and techniques, contract mechanics, what to look for in a new house, negotiating strategies, and frequent new home difficulties often yields positive results for realtors.


Some agents concentrate on home sellers in addition to home purchasers. If this is your strategy, you can still watch instructional videos on buying a house, but this time, they will cover every usual step that a seller needs to do in order to sell their listing.

Home sellers may come to the realization that they would prefer to have direct assistance from an agent like you after reviewing such necessities as the need to investigate the ideal time to sell, what price to market, and how to prepare a house for sale. This is the ideal chance for you to advertise your services. 


‌Naturally, not every real estate video needs to be taken very seriously. Real estate video marketing is a fun way for realtors to showcase their properties. Some of their creative approaches include creating parody movies, incorporating music into tours, dancing, showcasing children or pets, or emphasizing unusual or distinctive aspects of a community, such as ghost tours or local legend. 


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