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Half a million people are expected to explore historical archaeological sites in Fujairah.

FujairahHalf a million people are expected to explore historical archaeological sites in Fujairah.

With an aim to attract half a million tourists, Fujairah intends to increase the number of people who visit its archaeological sites within the emirate.

The top seven archaeological sites in the emirate saw close to 113,000 visits in 2022.

With about 88,740 visitors, Al Bidya Mosque is the most popular archaeological site. Fujairah Fort comes in second, followed by Fujairah Museum and Dibba Fort.

Due to their diversity and distinct attraction, archaeological sites—such as castles, museums, and medieval villages—have emerged as major tourism pillars in Fujairah in recent years. These historical sites present moving accounts of Fujairah’s past and culture.

Noting that the emirate has an ambitious plan to turn the archaeological sites into integrated tourist attractions that will provide an ideal experience for heritage and archaeological enthusiasts, the Fujairah Tourism and Antiquities Department emphasized that it is working to increase the current number of visitors to the emirate’s archaeological sites. This includes ongoing development, maintenance, and improved services near the sites.

The department’s goal is to bring tourism sustainability trends into line by concentrating on environmentally friendly projects that enhance hospitality amenities as well as the standard of local roads and services.

The Al Bidya Mosque, the Fujairah Museum, heritage sites, and the castles and forts of Al Bithnah, Masafi, Al Hail, Auwhalah, Sakamkam, and Habhab are just a few of the well-known archaeological sites that these efforts are a part of.

Because of its distinct climate and topography, Fujairah is a major destination for domestic tourists from a variety of emirates. Due to its closeness to Oman, it has become a popular vacation destination for Omani travelers. Additionally, the emirate is home to a large number of hotels operating under a number of prestigious hotel brands, which helps to boost Fujairah’s tourism industry and draw more visitors from all over the world to take in the area’s unique natural beauty.

The agency just finished restoring over a dozen castles, which embodies the goal of the Fujairah administration to constantly improve and expand the tourism industry.


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