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A workshop on the phases of building a home is organized by DOH.

SharjahA workshop on the phases of building a home is organized by DOH.

A training course for those interested in building their own homes was recently held by the Sharjah Housing Department (DOH). The session, “Stages of Building a Home,” gave attendees important knowledge and direction on what has to happen in order for a home construction project to be successful. The Sharjah Education Academy served as the venue for the program.

A training session for Sharjah government employees participating in construction projects was recently hosted by the Sharjah Housing Department, according to Engineer Abdullah Yousef Al Marzouqi, a civil engineer at the Department of Health. The goal of the program, “Stages of Housing Construction,” was to acquaint participants with dependable and efficient building techniques.

In exclusive remarks to “Sharjah 24,” Al Marzouqi said that the goal of the workshop is to acquaint the general public with the basic steps involved in construction, from design to contractor implementation. The intention is to give owners the ability to locate and fix any mistakes in the construction and process. Participants also learned a great deal about the critical role that architectural consultants play in this process.

DOH civil engineer Engineer Fahd Hassan Al Ali offers insightful advice on choosing a contractor, highlighting the importance of this first vital step for anyone starting a building project. He also emphasizes how crucial careful project planning is. Additionally, participants gained familiarity with a variety of finishes, which are essential for anyone working on a construction project.

Engineer Fahd Al Ali gave attendees useful information about method and final expenses during the training. With this information, they will be able to make wise choices and build a beautiful house on a budget.


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