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Dubai is attracting more and more investment advice businesses.

Top NewsDubai is attracting more and more investment advice businesses.

According to a recent analysis by Altrata, 67% of the approximately 830 ultra-high net worth individuals (UHNWIs) resident in the city consider Dubai to be their primary residence, making it the city with the highest percentage of UHNWIs.

Furthermore, it is anticipated that 4,500 millionaires would visit the United Arab Emirates this year, with a notable influx coming from Pakistan, India, the United Kingdom, and Russia.

Many financial advising firms are establishing offices throughout the nation to serve this demographic in keeping with this trend.

The well-known financial advising company Octave Asset Management (OAM) has formally launched by obtaining a license to do business out of the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC).

We are aware of this elite clientele’s distinct and complex investing needs. From conventional assets like international stocks and bonds to non-traditional assets like private equity, private debt, international real estate, and artwork, our offers provide a broad spectrum of alternatives. In addition, our clients are guaranteed access to special investment options through our private REIT offers and distinctive discretionary portfolio, which are managed in partnership with distinguished partners. Even though the UAE is our main market, we see the UAE as a doorway to the rest of the world. In order to give our clients a customized and comprehensive financial experience, we want to provide investing options that go beyond what conventional retail banks offer. Octave Asset Management’s CEO and chief investment officer, Ahil Mansoor, told 

Going forward, more volatility and unpredictability are to be expected in the global markets. Look at your present portfolios, investors, regardless of the state of the market. A conventional 60/40 stock and bond model hasn’t performed well in a few years, and I’m willing to venture that this asset allocation is essentially extinct. It is necessary to consider and include alternative asset classes in the portfolio mix. Additionally, prospective investors should never put market whims ahead of value and fundamentals.. 

Having a well-defined investing strategy that is based on in-depth analysis and a knowledge of one’s risk tolerance is crucial. I want to stress once more how crucial honesty, integrity, and accountability are. We advise our clients to make sure they understand the reasoning behind each investing decision, to be well-informed, and to ask questions. Protecting and increasing your money in the face of market complexity requires diversification, knowledge, and collaboration with a reputable asset management company that shares your beliefs.

Our goals are high and far-reaching over the ensuing years. Currently, OAM wants to be a major participant in the growing Middle Eastern investor segment by managing assets under management (AUM) above $500 million by 2024 and operating in seven different regions. Even while we now serve UNHWIs in the UAE and have a solid foothold there, our goals don’t end there. 

We want to expand significantly on a global level, focusing on a wide range of customers from places like South Africa, Germany, Turkey, China, and the GCC, to name a few. In order to do this, we intend to launch a broader range of solutions, making use of Octave Holdings & Investments’ extensive resources, which include their sizeable US and Canadian real estate portfolio, and our cooperation with them. Driven by our steadfast dedication to openness, responsibility, and honesty, we are ready to rewrite the history of the asset management sector and establish new standards of excellence.


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