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Awards for the Sharjah Publishers Conference’s advancement of the world book business

SharjahAwards for the Sharjah Publishers Conference's advancement of the world book business

Publishers taking part in the 13th Sharjah Publishers Conference have commended the occasion for helping to progress the world book business. They emphasized the platform’s important potential and knowledge-sharing for resolving issues with printing, translation, and the sale and acquisition of publishing rights. They also praised the platform’s efficacy in fostering relationships with publishers, writers, and creators around the globe.

The importance of Sharjah as a worldwide center for the book business and its ability to close the gap between international publishing markets were emphasized by first-time delegates.

The Sharjah Publishers Conference, according to Dr. Khaled Al Bilbeisi, General Manager of Dar Al Manhal Publishers in Jordan, is a strategic platform for growing and advancing the publishing industry. It encourages Arab publishers to push the book industry forward and makes it easier for them to network with well-known publishers on a regional and global scale.

“It’s evident that the agenda has been thoughtfully curated to address the most critical challenges facing the publishing industry, both globally and regionally,” he said, highlighting the importance of the event’s diversified topic. The publishing sector as a whole has some challenges, but these shouldn’t stop it from moving forward. Instead, to make sure publications are up to date and pertinent to the industry, it is crucial to be up to date with advancements and innovation.

Jorty Kaimendo, a publisher from Uganda, expressed her happiness to be attending the Publishers Conference for the first time and described it as a great chance to network with publishers and book lovers all over the world. She praised Sharjah for bringing them together under one roof to share aspirations and explore opportunities related to translation, buying and selling publishing rights, intellectual property, and more. She noted the significant communication challenges facing the publishing industry in Africa with various publishers.

The owner and CEO of Dar Hala for Publishing and Distribution in Egypt, Hala Omar, praised the noteworthy advancements made in the publishing industry in the area in recent years. Having attended the conference and the Sharjah International Book Fair on a regular basis since 1992, she views them as a priceless opportunity to network with publishers worldwide. She noted that the conference offers a range of programs and gatherings that help publishers transition from antiquated to contemporary methods. She also underlined the importance of the recently implemented “Roundtable Sessions,” which unite publishers from several continents to discuss problems, share solutions, and obtain firsthand information.

As a publishing expert, Brooke O’Donnell, Deputy Head of the Independent Publisher Group, said she absolutely loves the Sharjah Publishers Conference. She has attended it twice and attested to the significant advantages it provides, complimenting the wide range of issues covered in the main sessions and the group discussions with the participating publishers.

First-time Sharjah Publishers Conference attendee Jong-Hwa Park, a Korean, emphasized the value of networking with colleagues in the book sector and the enormous potential for establishing alliances with international publishers and translators. He urged everyone to take part in next conferences and said that his involvement, which coincides with South Korea’s attendance as the Guest of Honour of the 42nd Sharjah International Book Fair in 2023, will serve as a precursor to future advances.


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