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Dubai’s first real estate asset tokenization project involves DDX.

Top NewsDubai's first real estate asset tokenization project involves DDX.

“Desert Pearl,” a first-of-its-kind real estate development powered by tokenization technology, is the announcement of DDX Global’s commencement of operations in Dubai. DDX Global is a consultancy that specializes in real-world asset tokenization.

DDX Global revealed details about “Desert Pearl,” which will be supported by smart coding and tokenization and sits at the nexus of ultramodern technology and high-end living, at the launch ceremony hosted at the Armani Hotel in Burj Khalifa.

Leaders from the public and private sectors, including Zhuzh and DDX Global, were present at the event.

Senior officials at the ceremony stated that “Desert Pearl” highlights the rapid digital change that is favorably influencing every sector of the economy and complements the leadership’s vision for the Dubai Urban Plan 2040 and the Dubai Economic Agenda 2033.

“Desert Pearl,” envisioned as an opulent integrated community, is the creation of Zhuzh, an international luxury architectural design firm with headquarters in Dubai that will utilize cutting-edge technology and creative ideas.

It will have many cutting-edge amenities and futuristic design features that are influenced by the city’s rich history.

DDX Global Chief Commercial Officer Albert Weiglhofer said, “We decided to start our firm in Dubai because of the city’s leadership, vision, and outlook on advancing digital change. As the real estate sector adopts blockchain technology, we see a great chance to contribute to this digital revolution.According to the speaker, Desert Pearl offers the chance to significantly expand real-world asset tokenization into Dubai’s real estate market.

We anticipate a vibrant ecosystem of partnerships that will help us realize our goals and Dubai’s strategic objective of being a leader in the use of cutting-edge technology, which will significantly boost the Dubai economy,” he continued.

Zhuzh CEO Marco van Ham stated: “We’re hoping to create a landmark project for Dubai and the world and partnering with DDX has given us that potential.” “The Desert Pearl opportunity has allowed Zhuzh to get super-creative as we delved into the heritage and culture of Dubai.” Working with a forward-thinking, dynamic organization like DDX Global has been fantastic, and we’re excited about our wonderful partnership with them,” he continued.


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