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This property boasts 5.5G Internet, not 4G or 5G; here’s how to get the UAE’s fastest connection.

Tech & MarketingThis property boasts 5.5G Internet, not 4G or 5G; here's how to get the UAE's fastest connection.

Residents may immerse themselves in 8K UHD streaming, immaculate 3D videos, and exhilarating XR games thanks to the new technology.

Nowadays, luxury and technology go hand in hand, especially when it comes to luxury homes. Residents of the UAE can now experience things that a few years ago appeared fantasy and far-fetched from reality thanks to the development of new generation technologies.

The world’s first 5.5G home was unveiled in Jumeirah Islands on Monday by Chinese technology giant Huawei and the UAE’s second telecom provider, du.

Residents may immerse themselves in naked-eye 3D videos, flawless 8K UHD streaming, and exhilarating XR games thanks to the new technology, which is powered by Huawei’s most recent 5G-Advanced fixed wireless access technology. The du’s 5.5G Experience Carrier, which offers subscribers real-time peak speeds of 10Gbps, has made all of this possible.

5.5G is a component of 5G-Advanced, which serves as a bridge between 5G and 6G with new functionalities.

People traveling at high speeds, such those in trains and airplanes, can connect with one another using this updated version’s smart connectivity. Applications that are very immersive and interactive can also be supported by it well, and these applications will be widely used in the entertainment, training, and educational industries.

Users may enjoy the best real-time live streaming, quick movie downloads, a true 3D experience without the need for AR or VR headsets, and games that are played in incredibly immersive settings thanks to this fast speed. However, 5G technology prevented this from being achievable.

Residents must subscribe to du’s ultra-fast broadband, which offers 10GB speed, and use the Chinese company’s products in order to enjoy the experience.

The introduction of 5G-Advanced with Huawei is a wonderful honor, according to Fahad Al Hassawi, CEO of du.

We are dedicated to delivering the newest innovations to market, and in order to do so, we require always forward-thinking partners like Huawei. After the 5.5G home in Jumeirah Islands was unveiled, Al Hassawi remarked, “Today proved that we made the right partner choice and that together, we would be able to really push this market to the next level and display the best in the UAE.

Many international technology players are developing goods that are compatible with the new technology because there is a significant increase in demand for 5G-Advanced items.

In June, Huawei declared that it would introduce a full line of commercial 5.5G network hardware in 2024.


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